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Pistachio in the City of Sirjan

Pistachio In Sirjan City
Pistachio in the City of Sirjan ( The Territory of Supreme Quality )

The city of Sirjan is located in the southwest of Kerman province and is the second largest city of Kerman province. Since it is located on the cross way that connects the four southern provinces of Iran (Hormozgan,Fars,Yazd, Sistan & Baloochestan) this city is distinguished from the other southern cities of the country. These issues have effected the economic growth of Sirjan.

From the last two centuries, the mass cultivation of pistachio has been one of the most important economic scales of Sirjan; and old pistachio trees verify this argument.

The pleasant taste – wonderful flavor – beautiful , emerald color – and its certified health, distinguishes the Sirjan pistachio from other areas in Iran, that grow pistachio. All these advantages are approved by the experts and specialists of the pistachio business, all around the world.

Existence of mechanized terminals for harvesting pistachio in Sirjan city, either public or private, has resulted in supply of a hygienic product, in accordance with worldwide standards, to the market.

As quoted by the pistachio specialists and exporters, the contamination level of Sirjan’s pistachio, in connection to afla-toxin and the other contaminations, is lower than the permissible limits, accepted by the European Community ( 2 PPm ).

Existence of young gardens – proper irrigation – suitable attention – desirable climate – hygienic harvesting – adequate maintenance and storage are among the effective elements, resulting in low contamination, specially afla-toxin.

All these elements, create a suitable ground for entrance of Sirjan pistachio, into the international pistachio business.

In this direction, Sirjan Zomorrod Pistachio Company, is honored to supply this high quality product to all the clients, who are looking for a good quality pistachio.

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